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A Reference for Two (7/12/13)

After doing some research I had found two references to use for my final task. One of something I know of and the other which is new to me. What the final outcomes of what I take from these will not be known until until I finish the task though the dream idea is already there so I guess it is more about the second reference then the first.

Terminator 2 Sarah’s Dream

This scene is chosen as it is quite minimal, gentle and only has some much going on at one time. The use of pads and a stringed instrument. Music is by Brad Fiedel, I only have this track used up to a certain point as the dream becomes a nightmare and that is the part I don’t want to use. The first part gives you a sense of a dreamy and floats like atmosphere which I will use for my piece. The part I am looking at does not have much texture which is good as I may go for the hardly any texture for the music part though the sound design will add to it making it sound much bigger than it does.

Betty Blue Betty et Zorg

This is something I will also use as a reference for when I make my romantic sounding track for the last sequence. There is not too much going on here either and it works as it keeps the low texture coming in for my piece. Music is done by Matin Gabriel and is the track playing from the start to 2:28. I will use several of the instruments used in this track for the last part of the video I need to score but it will have one or two other instruments added as well so it will have a nicer timbre and have a thicker texture.


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