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Music, Sound design and Music and Sound Design as One (5/12/13)

Over the pass week I have been cleaning up the music only task which now has parts stretched over other parts and fades out instead of just stopping. Some of the out of time music should now sound on time though yet still have to do the FX for the said thing. General this part is the part I don’t really enjoy to much unless it is for the rock/metal genre. At this point reminds me how I seem to never mix down my work which I should start doing but some of my work is weird and I would not know where to start but I am going of topic now.

Music Only Whole Shot

Music Only Whole Shot

I also worked on the sound design a little as I now added a scanner to the first scene as that is something an alien would have going on and it is there in the background so you don’t know if it is coming from inside the house or from outside the house. An alien ship came to mind as well but I have not put it in and I will probably not do so. The terminator scene as a little more though it is focused more on the other robot which I seemed to have forgotten what the model was. The ice cream truck is now gone :(. The cough has been moved but is still in the wrong place at the moment. The woman’s voice has had something added but it is not a vocoder, it is something else which I need to remind myself of. I added some noises to when the young man in the first screen is loading his gun though the sounds are poor but they are there. The first alien voice sound has been moved so now the sound just happens without the little delay it has as I created the sound to be like that to incorporate the insects involved to make the said voice.

Sound Design Whole Shot

Sound Design Whole Shot

This week I have been more spread out but I have started a little motif for the final task which involves both music and sound design.

A Motif-Dreamy and Heavenly

A Motif-Dreamy and Heavenly

At the moment it looks rather bare but some of the sound design is not yet in place but the music itself sound very nice. it has a dreamy yet heavenly sound to it as the mix of vocal sounds are mixed with the angel sounding strings which is there to company the vocals and to give it a thicker texture. I had to have the video playing to give me an idea of what to make as without viewing the video ideas can trail off to things that would not fit this scene though the best part about this part is that it can be used again for another dream  like sequence which has a tree made from diamonds and silver with many animals made from diamonds and silver and so on. I like this motif because it is a very simple idea with only three to four notes being used.

The vocal line is doubled up to make it much more powerful though the vocal fades before hitting the next vocal part due to the way the VST is, I could change it but it works quite well doing so. I also went to add some twinkle sounds to make it sound even more dreamy and somewhat mysterious. I may add a third vocal line and make it an octave higher then the second vocal part to make it thicker but I don’t want it to drown out the angel stings. Then again maybe I will double up the angel strings instead, at this point I am not to sure but I will give each a try and see which is better. In fact one or both may not work.


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