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Sound Design Update (26/11/13)

Time for another update.

Alien sound (Self Made)

Alien sound (Self Made)

First off I am going to start off with the alien sound I made. The image is above. I followed for the most part the sound design of the alien voices in District 9. I have what the process and what was used in the previous post. I used three insect samples which are a cricket, a mass of flies and an ant sound backed to the famous scream used in many movies which was morphed into a newer scream for the alien.

The break down of the voice in keywords.

Wilhelm Scream:
-Pitch shifted two or three octaves
-Delay FX Applied
-Distortion FX Applied

-Pitch Shifted up three octaves
-Time strecthed

Ant sounds:
-Pitch Shifted down two octaves

-Pitched Shifted up two octaves
-Time stretched

Alien Voice 2:
-Time Strecthed
-Pitch Shifted

As you can see there is an alien voice two which was added as there are two aliens and maybe in some way it would sound like they were communicating to each other. The FX added and audio manipulation is done all by my own devices. I am not sure what the sound designer for District 9 did FX or manipulation wise. As said before I threw in the scream to make it somewhat different to what District 9 has.

Beep, Boop, Beep...... Bill Cosby.

Beep, Boop, Beep…… Bill Cosby.

I have had a few more ideas for the Tom Cruise scene where he is using a Sci-Fi like device to find his target. Other then the cough and buzzing light which flickers at one point I wondered what else I could add. Then it came to me, more background sounds such as beeping which you can see in the image above. I split it up to make it sound less clattered and made sure it is not too over used. Though the image does not show it there is a little computer sound for about a split second during this scene.

Pan Effect for Truck Rattling

Pan Effect for Truck Rattling

So I started thinking about panning some of the audio already in the sound design piece and thought I would start here with the last clip from I-Robot. As you can now see there are two of the same audio sample as in this clip two trucks appear coming from the right and the left and so I added and will adjust accordingly. I may pan the heartbeat to the side where the driver is but I need to listen to see what effect that will make, this could either be good or bad and only time will tell. On the subject of panning I may separate the beeping sounds and set them to three different channels so each beep sample has its own pan effect, a left, right and most likely a centre channel.


Crashing into You

Crashing into You

I have added some more sounds to the sound design for this scene, the all important crashing scene where the terminator is sent flying towards a metal sack or shed. The samples were dropped in and both seemed to just work where they were placed. if only other sounds just worked this way.

Now for the last part of this update, I still need to find one more sound designer as I need two and make two sounds using there process. I have David Whitehead or was it Dave Whitehead? Anyway I followed his process for the most part but did not make the sound as thick as his as the famous scream was the main point to the audio I created. I may look at the Matrix next or I may look at Robocop, Transformers or a few other films I have in mind at this point. It is a shame there is not much on the alien sound from Alien (1979), maybe if I would of dived deeper I would of found something but then again it may of been so time consuming that I may of not had time to do the process involved as I have to do a music and sound design piece next.


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