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Sound Design Update (22/11/13)

Due to me having to bounce from one module to another I have not done to much here but it is something anyway and so I will stat with the frozen scene.

Cracking Ice Effect+Arctic Winds Effect

Cracking Ice Effect+Arctic Winds Effect

As you can see above the audio for this scene has been thickened. As mentioned in the last sound design post I did I added another sound to the current wind audio, this sound is an arctic wind sound which now makes the scene seem more harsh then it already is. I feel the two together work very well and in many ways makes you feel that you are in the thick of this storm or natural disaster. On top of that I have added the sound of ice cracking which in turn is a recording of real ice being cracked. I feel it works well but the timing needs to be worked out and I will need to play around with the FX afterwards, some reverb will happen and maybe some delay to see how it sounds.

Heartbeat for Young Girl and Young Man.

Heartbeat for Young Girl and Young Man.

For this part I thought I would focus on the human beings then its surrounding though the alien will have sound, just no sound footsteps will be heard though this may change unless I really want to show what the humans are feeling at this point. The use of breathing will mostly likely happen as well though once again it will only be a focus on the young girl and young man. Maybe the sound of a water tank or boiler will be added, maybe the sound of a light bulb breaking as well. For when the alien voices are made I will have alien chatter in the back by taking small segments from the segment that is already made for the alien part from before.

Background music

Background music

I have added some background music for this scene as the fight scene happens. The energy sounds are still needed as well as a metallic sound for when the other is hit. The shotgun sounds are there too but they have not yet been placed and so at this point are muted until they are placed. Now only one part of the trailer has no sound which is the I-Robot car scene where the two trucks box him in and try to kill him. The dog barking is still there and so are the shotgun shells that are ejected after being shot off which can be heard off screen.


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